Sunday, January 13, 2008

Site Update

Hello there:

I apologize for the absence, we will be returning to our discussion of love tomorrow. I am working on a new name and layout for the site. The address will remain the same for now. It will be changing very, very soon.

When I began this blog, I was looking for a cute and catchy name, and didn't really have a very clear theme. Now that our subject has emerged, I will be naming it something more appropriate so that others may find us.

I apologize to my accidental readers who have come here by way of the search engines looking for a scientific diagram only to find our discussion of Buddhism!



yyz said...

Hello Sharon. What a beautiful blog! I love the background. How can I make one similar to yours?

Sharon said...

Thanks for the kudos! If you click on the orange bar at the top, you will be taken to pyzam, where you can pick a layout. Once you select it, copy the code and save to your page.