Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mindfulness and the Art of Tea

As I sit here enjoying a cup of tea, I think about today's events and tomorrow's plans, eagerly awaiting my bed and another night of pleasant dreams.

Then, I remembered that I hadn't published a post on maha maitri since January 18th and it is almost the 25th.

As an American, I have always viewed tea as a beverage rather than an art form. But when I recently began reigniting my passion for a good cup of tea to finish off the night, mindfulness allowed me to see the art present in the chamomile flowers I was brewing.

I used to microwave a mug of water, throw in a couple of tea bags, and impatiently wait for them to steep. But my husband sometimes boils water for me on the stove, and it tastes so much better that way. So I began to boil my own.

I realized the love and care that goes into every glass. I have a system, and I don't stray from it often. I put the chamomile bags in the empty mug first now, along with just the right amount of raw Florida Palmetto honey.

Next comes the boiling water, the ice, and finally, the vanilla soy milk. I stir it all up with a wedding gift from a friend in Colorado, and I sit back and enjoy my cup of relaxation made to order.

Peace. Rest. After my tea, I always sleep well.

Do you have a nightly ritual to help you drift pleasantly to sleep?

Try a cup of sleepytime tea. You'll be happy you did.

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