Friday, March 07, 2008

Calling all Authors!

This is an open letter to the online dharma community:

I need help!

In order to keep this blog alive, I am calling on all wanna-be Buddhist Christian bloggers who are interested in writing for maha maitri.

This is a labor of love, and an exercise in sharing very personal beliefs with the whole world. Please email me if you're interested and I will make you a guest author.

I have one signed up so far, and am looking for many more.

Thanks for reading.

In Metta,


Jerry Waxler said...

Hmm. Are you only recruiting Christian Buddhist volunteers? I'm a Jewish Buddhist Sufi or something like that. Actually I'm not sure what I am. Sharing my beliefs has always been tricky for me. Perhaps if you can explain what you want, maybe you'll help me understand how to share my beliefs.

Memory Writers Network

Sharon said...

Maybe my post was a little too specific...

I am open to any and all spiritual traditions, with an emphasis on Buddhism and spirituality in general.