Monday, January 07, 2008

Faces of Love: Metta (Maitri)

Practicing the Immeasurable Mind of Love extinguishes anger
in the heart of living beings.
--Mahaparjnaparamita Shastra

Metta is not only the intention to make someone happy, but also the ability.

I used to think I was a loving and kind person, doing nice things for everyone I knew whether they liked it or not. When the concept of Metta came into my life, I was disappointed to learn that I did not embody the principle of lovingkindness. My intentions were good, but I did not have the ability to make the other person happy because I was looking at their happiness from my point of view instead of theirs.

By developing mindfulness, we learn to go past our good intentions. We learn to present the other person with happiness and joy because we have put ourselves in their shoes. If your intentions are free and without strings attached, the "what's in this for me" mindset, we are on our way to learning the freedom that Metta brings.

But we must go even further. We must practice developing the ability to bring happiness not only to those we love, but also those we dislike.

We are all here on this planet to avoid suffering and bring joy to others. To live in any other way would be heresy.
Full Text of the Four Immeasurable Minds

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