Saturday, January 26, 2008

Free from Pain

This week I found out a friend of mine has passed away. It was not a happy ending for him, and I was sad.

Then someone pointed out to me that he was now free from pain and in a better place. This made me feel better.

I remember how long and hard he suffered. He hated himself. He was ashamed. He asked me for help, but he was unable to do what he needed to in order to feel better.

By using mindfulness, I was able to see that his suffering is over. He is free. He can be reborn into a new life, with the opportunity to learn from the last. His life was not in vain.

When I feel like I am struggling, I think of my friend. I remember that I don't have to give up like he did. I can learn from his life without having to go far so down the scale. I can remember that everyday I live with a freedom that he never enjoyed.

What hurt me the most is that he never got the chance to feel free. But now I can remember that he is free from pain.

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