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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year in Review: Actions

Yesterday we talked about how attitudes can make a difference in living a spiritual life. Today, we need to look at actions and how these can also affect your spiritual condition.

Take a look at the following questions:

1. Was I kind to everyone I came in contact with?

2. Did my actions reflect an unselfish attitude?

3. Was I giving, or did I always try to protect my own interests?

4. Did I spend time engaging in spiritually and intellectually stimulating activities, or was it all mindless entertainment?

5. Do I attempt to nuture healthy relationships and create strong bonds through my actions?

These questions will give you a jumpstart to assessing your actions and determining a better course for the new year. Actions are important, as they are what other measure us by. All the intentions in the world won't do any good.

Remember, you may judge yourself by your intentions, but the world judges you be your actions.

Spend some time breathing tonight, and while in a mindful state honestly look at your actions. Don't forget to look at the good as well as the bad.

That's all for tonight. Tomorrow we'll discuss another important thing: your daily routine.

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