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Monday, December 03, 2007

Being Spiritual Doesn't Always Mean Being So Spiritual After All

Before enlightenment...
chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment....
chop wood, carry water.

The concept of "bring spiritual" puzzles people. They imagine a guru on a mountaintop, burning incense and chanting all day. But the truth is, that being spiritual isn't all about those things. A lot of everyday, mundane stuff makes you more spiritual.

Like yesterday's post, many of the qualities of good character are also qualities you will find in a spiritual person. A person who is spiritual in nature will also:

1. Keep their commitments. They will be where they say they will when they say they will.

2. Be diplomatic. Confrontation, though a popular way to resolve conflicts, will be avoided at all costs.

3. Take their time. Spiritual people move at their own pace. Their trust and faith keep them from the rushing that many people do, especially around this time of year.

4. Be compassionate. An open heart and true empathy for others is an indicator of a great spirit.

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