Saturday, October 09, 2004

Creating the Ideal Environment with Color

Take a look around. Does your living room feel dull and dreary? Does your bedroom make you feel energetic instead of relaxed? What colors do you see?

If a certain area of your home seems to give off bad vibes, take a look at the decor and walls. The predominant color scheme can have a lot to do with what you are feeling.

When looking for a way to change the feel of a room, giving it a fresh paint job can create a whole new attitude without breaking the bank. Check out the color list below, and try adding a new color to see how the ambiance changes:

Blue: Calming, relaxed
Purple: Regal
Orange: Cheerful, energizing
Red: High energy, power
Gold: Stimulating

This is by no means a complete list. Also, some of the colors may evoke a different feeling in you than in others. Experiment. Have fun. Happy painting!

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