Friday, October 08, 2004

Clearing Clutter to Lift Spirits

Have you been down in the dumps lately? Take a look around your home and/or car. Do they reflect your sentiment?

Clutter can block energies and leave you feeling drained. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, clearing away the wreckage of your living room can be one of the best ways to improve your mood.

Feng Shui, which is also known as the ancient Chinese art of placement, claims that people who hold on to clutter are living with insecurities and doubts. A room packed full of stuff prevents ch'i, or life energy, from flowing freely. Furthermore, the placement of the clutter determines which area of your life is affected.

Ready to clear away the clutter in your life? The following attack plan will help you to get started:
  1. Make a list of organization tools you will need. Look around at what you have and determine what kind of storage solutions you may need. Create a shopping list, and then go to stores like IKEA or The Container Store and pick up shelving, storage boxes, and any other items to stash what you're keeping. If storing many things in a large box, buy smaller boxes that will fit inside. The list doesn't have to be definite, but it will save you time if you have some tools to work with when you start.
  2. Start in one room (or corner) and work your way around. Do you have nightmares about that junk drawer in your bedroom? Well, now's the time to face your fears! Start with the drawer, continuing out from there, completing one area at a time. Don't jump back and forth from room to room.
  3. Leave no stone unturned or closet unopened. Do not move on to another room until you have thoroughly cleaned the first, including closets and adjoining bathrooms.
  4. Sort as you go. Have trash bags at hand to throw away items that are not salvagable. For things in good condition that you no longer have use for, consider having a garage sale or giving them to charity. Separate these in another pile. For the things you want to keep, install your new shelving or pack them away in the storage bins you bought before you started. This will also allow you to see if you need to make another run to the store for more goodies.
  5. Labeling is key. Be sure to label all your storage boxes, especially the ones that are not clear. You don't want to pack seasonal stuff away, only to not be able to find it when needed. You might also considering labeling shelves in closets, that way things always have a home.
Now that you've got a roadmap to success, why not get started? You'll be feeling better in no time!

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